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CBA Capital is one of the leading investment banking service providers with a range of corporate finance solutions designed specifically for medium to large organisations. We currently provide governments, institutions and corporates with expert advice on corporate finance. With a team of highly competent, knowledgeable and experienced professionals and a network of global partners and investors, we aim to add massive value through customised financial solutions. CBA Capital is the wholly owned investment banking subsidiary of Commercial Bank of Africa Limited. We have a long history in financial advisory services, offering a dynamic range of investment banking solutions.

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    Capital Raising Solutions

    CBA Capital serves to help you make the best decisions with your business finances. Our extensive market knowledge and experience in raising funds for the management of corporate finances allows us to advise businesses on the most effective capital raising solutions available to them.

    We maintain close contact with our clients to provide integrated financial management solutions. We advise customers on matters such as optimal capital structure, debt size, timing and pricing and work

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    Advisory Service Solutions

    CBA Capital is all about helping your organisation achieve your strategic objectives. Whether you aim to access new markets, expand your product range, introduce new technologies or investors, or simply restructure your balance sheet, our qualified and experienced team can give you the advice you need.

    We provide specialised services including:

    • Carrying out buyer and seller due diligence reviews
    • Carrying out independent business valuation opinions
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