About M-Pawa

1) What are the requirements to have an M-Pawa Account?

  • Be a registered Safaricom Subscriber.
  • Be a registered Safaricom M-PESA customer.
  • Have an active Safaricom M-PESA account/line.
  • Hold any of the following identification documents; Kenya National Identification Document (ID) ; Kenyan Passport Document ; Alien ID (resident Permit) registered by the Government of Kenya

2) What are the services that M-Pawa offers?

  • Transfer from M-Pesa to M-Pawa
  • Transfer from M-Pawa to M-Pesa
  • Make a loan request
  • Repay loan
  • M-Pawa balance enquiry
  • M-Pawa mini statement

3) Can I access M-Pawa through a CBA Branch or through any electronic channel?

M-Pawa is operated entirely from the mobile phone and cannot be accessed through a CBA branch. M-Pawa is a separate bank account and is NOT linked to your CBA account or any other bank account.

4) Is there any VAT charged on M-Pawa loans?

In compliance with the regulator, VAT will be levied on all facility fees charged on M-Pawa loans with effect from DD/MM/YY. This effectively means that on loan disbursement, both Facility Fees and VAT will be deducted from the loan amount.

This means that the loan amount transferred to your M-PESA will be less Facility Fees and VAT, with the VAT amount on the service consumed remitted to TRA.

5) Will I be notified about the amount that will be deducted as Fees and VAT?

Before confirmation of a loan request, you will receive a confirmation message that will summarize how much will be deducted from the Loan amount.

 You will also receive an SMS notification after your loan request is successful that will detail how much has been deducted and how much should be repaid within 30 days.

Loan Request Example:

Loan Request Amount

TZS 1,000

Facility Fee (9% of Loan Amount)

TZS 90

VAT (18% of Facility Fee)

TZS 16.20

Disbursed Amount to M-Pesa

TZS 893.80

Loan Repayment Amount

TZS 1,000

Deposit Product

1) What are the M-Pawa Deposit Account features?

  • No minimum balance 
  • No charges levied on the account
  • No charges for moving money from M-PESA to M-Pawa account and vice versa
  • Interest on savings is calculated based on the average daily balance
  • Interest on savings is accrued and paid quarterly (at the end of every 3 months)
  • No ledger fees

2) What is the minimum amount that one can deposit? (Send to bank) 

  • Minimum is Ksh.1

3) What is the minimum and maximum amount that one can withdraw? (From M-Pawa to M-Pesa) 

  • Minimum is Ksh.1
  • Maximum is subject to the M-PESA transfer/withdrawal limits

Loan Product

1) What are the features of the M-Pawa Loan?

  • Quick access to credit
  • Loan repayment period is 30 days
  • One time facility fee of 9% (introductory)
  • Rollover fee of 9% if the customer does not pay within the 30 day period. 
  • Loan is disbursed directly to the customers M-PESA account

2) Who is eligible for an M-Pawa loan?
In order to qualify for a loan all you need is to be an M-PESA subscriber for 6 months, save on M-Pawa and actively use other Safaricom services such as voice, data and M-PESA.
3) How do I check how much I can borrow?
Dial *234*6# you will get a notification asking you if you have read and accepted the terms and conditions.

This will also give you information on whether you are eligible for a loan and the loan amount limit that will be awarded to you.

4) ) Is there any interest charged on M-Pawa loans?
No. M-Pawa loans do not attract any interest charge. However, there is a facility fee of 9% charged on the cost of processing the loan.

Tariffs and Guides

1) What are the interest rates applicable on the M-Pawa Deposit Account?

Balance Bands

Interest Paid

Balance Band 1

TZS 1 – TZS 200,000


Balance Band 2

TZS 200,001 – TZS 500,000


Balance Band 3

TZS 500,001 – TZS 1,000,000


Balance Band 4

Above TZS 1,000,000


2) What are the transactional charges for a deposit account?



Deposit from M-Pesa to M-Pawa


Withdraw from M-Shari to M-Pesa


3) What are the transactional charges for the loan product?



Loan request


Repay loan


Loan facility fee


4) Is there any interest charged on M-Pawa loans?

No. M-Pawa loans do not attract any interest charge. However, there is a facility fee of 9% charged on the cost of processing the loan.

Queries and Feedback

For further information on M-Pawa, please visit any Vodacom Shop or call Vodacom Customer Care.